Computer Use & Wi-fi

Computer Use, Endeavor Room, Printing & Copying

The Waterville Public Library has 7 public access computers with Internet access. Four in the Main Room, two in the Teen Space and one in the Endeavor Room.

The Endeavor Room
The Endeavor Room is now open. Computer access, printing, virtual meeting options for telehealth/Zoom/etc, the ability to work quietly without interruption but with high speed internet… it’s all there.
It may be small, but it’s a room full of mighty possibility.
Reserve a time slot online or by calling 315-841-4651.

Printing and copies are now free. (pages are free within reason, donations are accepted).

Please read the Computer Use Policy and Internet Access Policy.

Connecting to Wi-fi

All rules of our Internet Access Policy apply to our wireless access.
The wireless network name is: Public

Users are urged to utilize virus protection to protect information on their laptop since data transferred on the network is not encrypted.

Wi-Fi is also available outside the library in our gardens and from the parking lot.

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