Grounds Policy

The Library’s Grounds (the Grounds), consisting of the East Lawn, the Children’s Garden, the Howard Lally Memorial Garden, and the Parking Lot, shall be utilized primarily for programs and events conducted or sponsored by the Library. When not in use for Library activities, however, not-for-profit groups and organizations serving the residents of the Waterville Central School District may reserve the grounds or portions thereof, free of charge, for events which are chiefly educational, cultural or civic in nature, and which are open to the public. 

     The Library Board of Trustees (the Board) may, in its discretion, make the Grounds available to private individuals or organizations who reside (or are based) in the Waterville Central School District (or, alternatively, who are sponsored by a District resident) to use all or a portion of the Grounds for social affairs, commercial concerns and private events.  The Board will determine the merit of such requests on a case-by-base basis, guided by an assessment of the nature of the event in relation to the overall mission of the Library.  The Library will charge a fee to the party wishing to hold such an event, the amount of such fee to be determined based on the nature of the event, the anticipated number of attendees, the facilities required and/or the anticipated revenues raised by the event.

General Rules of Usage

*Permission to use the Library Grounds does not in any way constitute an endorsement by the Board or staff of a particular group or its program. No unwarranted implication that a group is sponsored or endorsed by the Library is permitted.

*The Board reserves the right to refuse applicants for events deemed potentially disruptive to neighboring residents and property owners.

*Athletic events may not be held on the Grounds.

*Proper event security shall be the sole responsibility of the sponsor.

*Events are held at the Applicant’s sole cost and expense.

*Not-for-profit groups using the Grounds at no cost may not charge admission fees or require donations for participation in events held on the Grounds without the express approval of the Board.

*Event attendance may not exceed three hundred (300) persons at any one time.


*Programs planned by the Library shall take precedence over outside applicant requests.

*The Grounds are available for use after regular Library hours or during regular hours of Library operation, provided that the planned event does not interfere with the regular operation of Library services or impede patron access to the Library building.


*Applications to use the Grounds by either not-for-profit or private groups, organizations or individuals should be submitted to the Library Director a minimum of three (3) months prior to the requested event date.

*Applications are accepted on a first-come-first served basis.

*Groups are limited to one use of the Grounds per calendar year.

*Notice of cancellation of a scheduled event should be given at least fifteen (15) days in advance.

Library Grounds Facilities & Equipment

Access to the Library’s indoor facilities during non-Library hours may be granted upon special arrangements made with the Library Director and approval of the Board. In cases where facilities access requires the presence of a paid Library staff member during the event, the additional cost to the Library will be reflected in the fee charged for the event.

Restrictions & Responsibilities

*The Library building and grounds are designated as non-smoking areas.

*Event sponsors shall attend to a prompt cleanup of the Grounds/facilities immediately upon conclusion of the event, and shall surrender the Library’s property in the same condition in which it was received.  Event sponsors shall be responsible, without limitation, for any costs incurred by the Library in remediating damage occurring to Library property by reason of the acts or omissions of the event sponsor or its attendees during the event, and shall promptly reimburse the Library for the same.

*Alcoholic beverages may not be served in connection with any event on the Grounds without the express approval of the Board.  In such cases, alcoholic beverage service must be under the direction a licensed caterer (copy of license to be submitted with application), and in compliance with all applicable Federal, State and Local laws.

*In the discretion of the Board, event sponsors may be required to provide proof of insurance, with the Waterville Public Library named as an additional insured, and/or a letter of indemnity prior the occurrence of any approved event.

*No pets, with the exception of leashed service animals, are permitted on the Grounds.  

*No fireworks or any other form of pyrotechnics are allowed on Library property.

*Event applicants intending to erect temporary structures or facilities on the Grounds shall obtain express approval from the Board to do so.  
It shall be the sole responsibility of the event sponsor to obtain any required permits and to furnish copies of the same to the Board prior to placement at least one (1) week prior to the event.  Applicants approved for temporary structures or facilities requiring the setting of posts or otherwise disturbing the ground shall be required to contact any utility companies servicing the grounds to mark the location of buried service 
and power lines.

*Event sponsors and their attendees must abide by all applicable Federal, State and Local laws, rules, regulations and ordinances.

Adopted:  May 10, 2011

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