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Daniel E. Ghent

December 4, 1959 ~ October 13, 2023
Dan was born on December 4, 1959, in Rochester, the son of Thomas and Janet Bennett Ghent. He was raised in Morrisville and graduated from Morrisville Eaton High School. Dan furthered his education by graduating from BOCES with a degree in Auto Body Technology.  On July 22, 2006, at St. Thomas’ Church, Dan married Maureen Althaus.  He had worked for numerous years in the body shop at Nye Auto Group. He had previously worked at McCredy’s Motors, Damian’s Automotive, and Skinner and Damulis Automotive Group.  He was a member of St. Thomas’ Episcopal Church of Hamilton (twice a year). Dan loved to be outdoors. You could find Dan outside cooking on the grill or fixing anything he could find.  He and Maureen spent many hours bicycling, kayaking, and riding on his motorcycle. They loved and would often go on family ski trips. They also would go on as many cruises as they could afford traveling the Caribbean. Dan loved any moment that he could spend with his grandchildren.  He will be remembered by all, as kind, gentle, loving; and making each day brighter with his glowing smile.



Village of Waterville
Waterville Central School District
Waterville First
Waterville Public Library


Food Bank of CNY October Food Sense Menu:

Waterville Historical Society:

Come join us Wed., Oct. 18 at 7pm: Bill Getman presenting – Photographs of Marietta, Georgia taken by Waterville Photographer James Shaw in 1899. Waterville attorney Bill Getman will show an array of photographs taken by Waterville photographer James Shaw on his travels to post-Civil War Marietta, Georgia. Getman found the photos in his law office files and shared them with Marietta, GA. Many of the photographs have been the basis of a presentation at the Marietta Historical Center that has been running for more than two years that reflects on a Northerner’s perspective of an area that was torched on Sherman’s March to the sea.

Refreshments will be served. Open to all.

WCS Sports Booster Club:

We need volunteers to help out at our home sectional games this week. If we can’t find volunteers we won’t be able to open. Thank you for your continued support, and most of all for supporting our student athletes.

Head Over Heels Athletics:

Waterville Central Jr. / Sr. High School Drama Club:

WCS Sports Booster Club:

CW Clark Memorial Library:

Please come join us on Halloween evening for dinner! Give what you can and have dinner! Chili or tacos are on the menu! All proceeds are being generously donated to the library.

Mohawk Valley Astronomical Society:

The Long March

“On October 16, 1934, the embattled Chinese Communists break through Nationalist enemy lines and begin an epic flight from their encircled headquarters in southwest China. Known as Ch’ang Cheng—the “Long March”—the retreat lasted 368 days and covered 6,000 miles, more than twice the distance from New York to San Francisco. Civil war in China between the Nationalists and the Communists broke out in 1927. In 1931, Communist leader Mao Zedong was elected chairman of the newly established Soviet Republic of China, based in Jiangxi province in the southeast. Between 1930 and 1934, the Nationalists under Chiang Kai-shek launched a series of five encirclement campaigns against the Soviet Republic. Under the leadership of Mao, the Communists employed guerrilla tactics to resist successfully the first four campaigns, but in the fifth, Chiang raised 700,000 troops and built fortifications around the Communist positions. Hundreds of thousands of peasants were killed or died of starvation in the siege, and Mao was removed as chairman by the Communist Central Committee. The new Communist leadership employed more conventional warfare tactics, and its Red Army was decimated.”

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“The Photos You’re Waiting For! – with great thanks to Jody Hildreth, who has shared these and eighty-three more of his photographs of the WCS Drama Club’s presentation of Arthur Miller’s “The Crucible”. “

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Congratulations Kayle on breaking the individual game saves record!!

Happy October!

The price of gas today.

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