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Borrowing Policy

   Any person who can provide proof of residency in the Waterville Central School District and is at least five years old is entitled to Waterville Public Library user privileges.

   Most borrowed items can be renewed up to two times either in person, by phone or on line. Overdue notices or phone calls go out after an item has been overdue for 2 weeks. We are now fine free and ask that all materials be returned in a timely manner. We do charge for reimbursement of lost or damaged items. Items can also be renewed online.

   The Waterville Public Library is part of the Mid-York Library System. Waterville Public Library card holders are entitled to use the resources of all 41 member libraries of the Mid-York Library System.

Movie Checkout Policy

   You may only check out 3 DVD’s per card and can only have out a total of 6 movies per family.

Children & The Library

   The Waterville Public Library is a valuable community resource of materials, information services, and programs. As a public institution, its doors are open to all, regardless of age, origin, race, gender or background. These rules provide some general guidelines within which children, parents and caregivers can use the Library safely and effectively.

The library has the following expectations for children while using the library:

*To be respectful to everyone while in the library.
*Please pick up the toys before you leave the Children’s Room.
*Parents and caregivers are responsible for the supervision of their children. 
*Children ages 4 through 8 attending a library program must be brought into the building by a parent or responsible childcare provider who must remain in the building until the conclusion of the program when they resume supervision of their charge.
*Children under the age of 4 must be attended at all times.Parents and caregivers are responsible for their children’s behavior.
*Self-supervised youth, aged 9 and up, are welcome to use the library as long as they observe general rules of conduct. For safety’s sake, parents should make sure that their children are sufficiently mature before allowing them to visit the library by themselves.
*Parents should realize that, even when they are not present, they are responsible for their children’s behavior.
*If the Library is closing and there are children left in the building without a caregiver, the Library staff will make every effort to locate the parent or caregiver to pick up the child. Failing that, the police department will be called, and the situation transferred to that agency.

Your child’s library card presents opportunities for many fascinating, educational and entertaining experiences, and we are pleased hat you, as a parent, are encouraging your child to explore them.

The public library provides a wide variety of material representing many points of view on topics of interest to the community. All libraries contain some materials that some parents find inappropriate for their children.

It is not the library’s policy to decide what ideas your child should be exposed to,therefore, we hope you will continue to participate in the learning process by helping your child select materials and by sharing them at home.

We provide the alternatives. You make the choices. 

Computer Policy

1. There is a 30 minute time limit if someone is waiting for the computer.

2. Please use headphones if you are going to use sound or mute the sound.

3. Viewing inappropriate materials will suspend your computer privileges.

*failure to abide by these rules may result in suspension of computer privileges.

Internet Policy

As part of the Waterville Public Library’s mission to meet the recreational informational and cultural needs of the community, and in response to advances in technology, the Library offers computer terminals with access to the Internet.

The Internet is a continually developing global collection of computer netwoks that connects millions of computer users all over the world. The Waterville Public Library, through electronic resources obtained from the Mid-York Library System and on its own computer, provides access to the vast amount of information available through these connections.

Some Internet sites may contain inaccuate, controversial, or illegal material. Neither the Waterville Public Library or the Mid-York Library System monitors or has control over the information available through the Interent and they are not responsible or liable for its content.

As with other library material, parents and legal gaurdians should provide guidance to their own children and should monitor their use of the computer terminals and the electronic access. Children also bear responsibility for using all library resources properly.

Inappropriate use of the terminals or Internet access can result in suspension, and possible cancelation of the privilege to use this resource. Examples of inappropriate use include but are not limited to the following:

* Violation of computer system integrity
* Unathorized tampering with or causing physical harm to computer hardware or software
*Engaging in illegal activities or accessing illegal materials
* Violation of software license agreements and copyright laws

Illegal acts through the use of the library computer terminals may also by subject to prosecution by local, state or federal authorities.

There are both financial and space limitations affecting the use of electronic resources at the library. Currently, the library cannot provide terminals that offer total privacy for the user. Also, the library reserves the right to establish procedures that allow the fullest use of the terminals by all users. These procedures may include, but are not limited to the following:

* Time limits for the use of terminals
* Reservation requirements for the use of terminals
* Minimum age requirements for unassisted use of terminals
* Limits to the number of people using the terminal at one time.

The library expects all users to read the policies and procedures for the library computer usage and Internet access and the Rule of conduct for library users. This policy may be revised from time to time by resolution of the Board of Trustees

Internet access to staff computers is filtered per CIPA regulations*
* added per adopted motion on Tues July 21, 09 trustee meeting

*failure to abide by these rules may result in suspension of computer privileges.

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