Reserve a Room

Reserving a Room
Please fill out the Google Form or Call 315-841-4651 to reserve a space in private use rooms.

Large meeting room with 124 person capacity, smart TV, projector and more.

Equipped with an iMac, microphone, ring light, large scale laminator (matboard required), small laminator, B&W & color printing ,and a small table and work desk for small groups. 

Small study room with:
– high speed internet
– one Chromebox computer
– printing to the library’s black and white printer (pages are free within reason, donations are accepted).
– camera with microphone for virtual meetings, appointments, and projects.
– small table workspace for getting things done or small meetings.

Room Procedures:
– Leave wipe down tables and sweep the floor before leaving.
– Return furniture to original placement (unless instructed by WPL staff to leave it as it).
– If utilizing the library camera for virtual meetings or appointments, you may be asked for a confirmation of such appointment. Please be ready to provide an email, print out, etc.

All library patrons and employees are expected to act and speak in kind, appropriate, and productive ways. Internet use in the Endeavor Room follows all other expectations for all Mid York Internet use. If not used in this manner, library staff have the right to suspend patron privileges. Be a good human.

The Program Room

The Library’s Program Room is primarily for programs and events conducted or sponsored by the Library.  When not in use for Library activities, not-for-profit groups and organizations that serve the residents of the Waterville Central School District may reserve the Program Room, free of charge, for meeting space. Meetings must be educational, cultural or civic in nature and open to the public.  Reservations may be placed by calling the Library at 315.841.4651. Reservations are accepted on a first-come-first–served basis. Reservations must be made no less than three business days in advance of the requested usage date. Groups are limited to one use of the Program Room per month. The Library requests a five-day notice of cancellation. 

Program Room General Rules of Usage

* Permission to use the Library Program Room does not in any way constitute endorsement of a particular group or its program by the Library Board or staff. No unwarranted implication that a group is sponsored or endorsed by the Library is permitted.

* Groups or organizations using the Library’s Program Room may not charge admission fees or require donations for participation in Program Room events. Fees may only be requested where such fees cover the cost of materials furnished to participants. Such fees should not be construed as an admission fee and no portion of such a fee should accrue to the benefit of an organization or individual.

* Maximum group size in the Program Room may not exceed 124 individuals.

* Any group or organization using the Program Room must read and sign a copy of the Library’s Program Room Policy prior to using the room.

* Library personnel must have free access to the program room at all times.

* The Library Trustees and Director reserve the right to deny use of the program room to any group. 


* Programs planned by the Library take precedence over outside group meetings. The Library reserves the right to pre-empt program room use for Library purposes upon four weeks notice.

* The Program Room is available for use during regular hours of Library operation and may be available for after-hours use pending approval from and arrangements made with the Library Director. The Library reserves the right to refuse after-hours usage.

* The Program Room may not be used for sales’ promotions, social affairs, or for the benefit of private individuals or commercial concerns engaged in marketing goods or services.

Program Room Facilities

* Program Room furnishings available for use by outside groups include, 28 chairs and 10, 5-foot tables. Coffee making equipment is available upon request.

* Access to the Library’s full kitchen may be granted upon special arrangements made with the Library Director.

* With special permission and instructions from the Library Director, a group may use the LCD projector, DVD player and sound system.

 Restrictions & Responsibilities

* Adults 18 and older may request use of the Program Room. An adult sponsor or supervisor must submit the Program Room request and be present at all times for groups whose membership consists of individuals under the age of 18.

* No smoking is allowed in the Library building.

* Program Room users are responsible for cleaning and removing all of their materials immediately after the completion of their activity.

* Cleaning fees and/or repair or replacement costs for damaged furnishings or equipment will be charged to groups who abuse Library property. The Library reserves the right to determine appropriate cleaning, repair or replacement services.

* The Waterville Public Library is not responsible for any group’s equipment, supplies, or materials.

* The Waterville Public Library is not responsible for any personal injury resulting from a group’s use of the Program Room.

Revised: 9 November 2010

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